Special Packages for Small Weddings

Choose the Destination Wedding or Elopement Package that suits you, or ask for one to be customized exactly to your tastes and needs. Each package below includes wedding venue, wedding minister / Justice of the Peace, professional wedding photographer and a video of your ceremony. Call 757-321-0348 or e-mail Love@BlueRidgeWeddings.com


Blue Ridge Wedding Chapel / indoors or out

Mountain View Gazebo / indoors or out (see recent wedding movie clip)




With any of these packages, you may invite up to 10 guests. Use of our Bride's Dressing Room is included. See Video of Our Property




Destination Weddings
What is a Destination Wedding?


A Destination Wedding is a wedding that is held in a location people like to travel to for vacations - such as resorts, bed & breakfast inns, or beaches. It is usually some distance away from the bride and groom's residence. For this reason, the Destination Wedding tends to have a smaller guest list than a traditional wedding held in the bride or groom's hometown. Since fewer people attend the Destination Wedding, couples often will have a large reception at a later date. Sometimes two receptions - one in the bride's hometown and another one in the groom's hometown. See a list of nearby THINGS TO DO


Why are more people interested in Destination Weddings?

It's just a fact of modern day life, that compared to a generation ago, today's young men and women are likely to locate farther from the area they grew up in. This means they are more likely to meet a mate from a greater distance away. Then when they decide to get married, the decision of "where to get married" becomes a big issue. For example, the bride may be originally from California and the groom from London but now they are both living in Arlington, Virginia. So, where is the wedding going to take place? With a Destination Wedding, they just choose a place they like to visit and have the wedding there. Fewer people will be able to come to the wedding, but they will have a reception later in California and another one in London. Everybody is happy.


Do people stay longer at Destination Weddings?
With a Destination Wedding, the couple may want to stay a little longer and combine their wedding and honeymoon. In some cases, their closest friends and/or family members attending the wedding will also stay longer. They may want to schedule in some recreational activities such as horseback riding, golf, tennis, winery tours or sight-seeing.

Are Destination Weddings expensive and difficult to plan?

Actually, Destination Weddings can be much less expensive than a large traditional wedding and easier to plan too. By having all the elements of the wedding already planned out with a small wedding package, the couple knows the total price up front and can budget accordingly. The Destination Wedding package that includes lodging, photography and flowers saves the couple both time and money. The planning is made easy and stress free. This gives the couple the opportunity to spend their time enjoying each other's company instead of stressing over every detail of the wedding.


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